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Good Game !

Another announcement for anyone trying to create an account on my website. The issues with the register button not being clickable have now been fixed. Visit this link to register an account -->

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Hi all, I apologise for my massive absence from any communication on this page whatsoever in the past couple of months. I have been very busily working on a huge update v0.5.0 which is going to bring about multiple big changes along with the addition of heaps of new content and of course many, many fixes. Thanks to the guys in the Discord server and those who have stuck around checking this page for updates. The new update will be landing on Friday the 13th of October (in a few days). Those of you who have participated in the testing phase (v0.1.0 - v0.4.5) will need to update your copy of the game to be able to play. You can do this very easily by just downloading a fresh copy via the links above. The .pak issue is now resolved and the downloaded files should be openable using any unarchiving program capable of opening .zip files on Windows. Also unfortunately I am going to be reluctantly discontinuing the development of the Mac version of the game so I can focus all my time on refining the Windows version first as the majority of downloads since I first released the game have come from Windows users. Unreal Engine also doesn't work particularly well on Mac machines due to poor hardware and general lack of support for a number of features including essential plugins and no steam integration being available currently. Really developing for the Mac just isn't easy right now but I can confirm it will be returning in the not-too-distant future. I will however be releasing backwards support for 32bit Windows machines due to some requests. I would however like to encourage users to upgrade to a 64bit processor as backwards compatibility will not be available forever. Also I genuinely doubt a 32bit processor will be able to run the game at a reasonable frame rate regardless of GPU. However of course you are open to try as I have no 32bit machine to currently test on. Anyway, enough said, the update is arriving very soon and I hope to be updating the page with dev logs from now onwards to keep you guys updated. Oh before I forget, if you haven't already, you will require a Parallax account to play online in the next update of the game (v0.5.0) so please head on over to the official website Official Website Link and register an account now to get started! With this account you can unbox any loot boxes you find and get some awesome cosmetic designs for existing items in the game including weapons and armour. You can also start earning XP towards levelling up and improving your rating to get a spot on the leaderboard. Lots of new exciting stuff is arriving as of the next update as you can tell which should be fantastic to get into. For more information please visit the games official Trello page --> Trello Link to follow development directly as it happens and of course if you haven't already, consider joining the official Discord server to chat to myself and fellow players --> Discord Link. Thanks for the continued support and I'll see you all in the next update.

For anyone looking to play this I have got it working now. The issue seems to be with the extraction as using either the built in right click extraction in Windows or using 7zip  results in the .pak issue. Not really sure why this is but I am not tech savvy whatsoever. Extracting with Winrar on Windows 10 worked for me, not sure if the same would apply in the case of the Mac version.

As of the most recent download the .pak issue persists. I have downloaded it several times and every time I extract it it says this .pak file cannot be extracted. Trying to subsequently run the .exe brings up the error "failed to open descriptor file Parallax/Parallax.uproject". 

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Thanks for providing some detail about the issue, I'll be looking into this ASAP for a solution.

Hi - I tried installing the game using the app, and it failed to install after chugging away at this for a long time, BUT some files were obviously installed because a few GB of memory on my hard drive got gobbled up.

Is this a known problem with this game?

Hi there, yes there are some known issues with downloading a complete .zip file of the game as well as extracting it successfully. I'm currently unsure as to why this is happening to everyone but I'm currently looking into it and with some testing should have a working solution in the next few days, thanks for letting me know whats happened on your end.

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Hi all, just a quick update for those of you who are not in the Discord server. The game has been updated to v0.4 on both windows and mac OS. You can download via the links above or from the official website. The update has fixed hundreds of bugs/glitches that were found and reported along with the addition of some cool new content! Check it out now if you haven't done so already.

Ok a lot of people seem to be having issues with running the game via the download file. In an attempt to fix this I will be uploading the game to (both windows and mac versions) which should fix the supposed corrupted/missing files in the download.

I tried to download this, but through Itch and the website download, I can't seem to get the executable?


Confused at how to install this, it says a .pak file can not be extracted and thus no ability to install/play the game.

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Hi, thanks for downloading. The game requires no installation all you need to do is run the .exe file found in the directory assuming you are on windows. Just use WinRAR, 7zip or other preferred archiving program and open the downloaded zip file and navigate to this directory --> TPEv0.3Windows/Parallaxv0.3/WindowsNoEditor/Parallax.exe. If you're using Mac the directory will be TPEv0.3Mac/Parallaxv0.3/MacNoEditor/ It seems that you're also having an issue actually opening the zip file, this could mean an incomplete or corrupted download in which case will require a full re-download pf the game, or the program you are using to open the zip file is not appropriate. If problems persist please don't hesitate to contact me directly and I can offer more assistance.

v0.3 is now available for direct download via the links above.

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it wont let me click the download it says its downloading but the google download bar says nothing i tried going to the main site but it says the page is not found....mac download works windows does not i am using windows

Sorry about this, I'm currently in the process of changing the downloads from v0.2 to v0.3. This will be fixed tonight.

thanks very much the download now works

v0.3 will be released in the next few days addressing many issues that have been reported. Thanks for the bug reporting to those who have!

I cant click anything. 

Well, for whatever reason fullscreen isn't working right. Every time I try and click anything it just switches to whatever is behind the game.

I turned off my pop-up blocker and the game did download.

In chrome, right hand side of address bar, click the little box where the star usually is and allow the pop-up.


The download links on your site are not working either.

The download link does not work for me, and the link provided in some responses that goes directly to the game site also does not work... when I click the windows download page it says im not allowed and gives error 404... halp

Hi there, I'm still trying to get the links working. In the meantime if you click on them they should take you to the downloads page on my site. You can then select your preferred OS at the bottom of the page.

It wont let me download. can someone help?

Hey Sift, sorry about the downloads not working there seems to be a problem with the links I've set up. You can grab a copy of the game for either Windows or Mac straight from my website if you can't get the links working on here.


After hitting esc with inventory open you can't close the inventory or do anyhing at all.

Thanks for reporting this issue, I'm currently looking into it and fixing. If you find anymore please join the discord server and post a bug report.

ok when I went to your official website I downloaded the game it works, but when I downloaded the game from this site it doesn't work for some reason it comes up with the "Thank you for downloading" but it doesn't start I think that the download for doesn't work but the official website works

The game doesn't download :(((

Sorry, I just checked the links for the files and they were not up to date! I've fixed and tested them now and they should start downloading. If not, make sure your browser allows pop-ups as redirects you to my website to get the file which won't happen if you have pop-ups blocked. If all else fails you can go to my website and grab the latest version for both windows and mac.  If that doesn't work (which should not happen) join the Discord and I can set you up with a link for the game.

thank you

This game looks awesome!!

You should make a win32 edition man

Sure thing! I'll stick it on the to-do list :)

Thanks man :D

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Full Review of The Parallax Effect
(The original Description of the game is way better explained. Though this is a just something coming from a person from the Community.)

Short Version:
A Standalone Dev is working exponentially well by himself.
With the Community holding up his feet to keep him up the mountain.

Multiplayer game that gives you a feeling like Unturned, 7 Days to Die and the Forest.
Aimed to give you a very scary Vibe with Survival and Multiplayer Base Building, Raiding and Fire fights. Work in Progress with a lot more updates.

Long Version:
First off, Danstarr13 did a wonderful job by himself. 
The community supports him very much and the game is making outstanding Progress.

He started it off as a small School project and it has unleashed Bigfoot steps to reach into an actual playable multiplayer Game.
We the community in Discord discovered 52 Bugs in 4 Days and the Dev Solved it in only 9 days. There is still a lot of Steaming hot asphalt to cover.

Game play:
You start off with nothing, Collect items, Make a shelter and wait.

Though that is not the case...When night falls things take a sweaty turn.
There is a lot of frightening events that happen that will make you hallucinate you are in Multiplayer though you are in Single-player.
There is also Wide Ranges of Guns and more to be added.
Still a few bugs left to Exterminate though the game is Playable.

The updates in the future are hoped to make this game take a twist and change the Meaning of Survival during the Night and Rush during the Day.


  • The Developer takes notes from the community.
  • Aspect of a Different genre of Survival.
  • Planned to be better than just the old Day, Collect, Build, Night, Wait and Repeat.
  • Multi-player & Single-player.
  • Free to Play for now.
  • Planned to be on Steam.
  • Windows & Mac Supported. (Yes, people play games on Mac.)


  • A lot to fix.
  • Not on Steam yet for Stable Multiplayer.
  • Some areas in the map are Bugged.
  • Not in a state that is imagined and planned.
  • Needs a Decent Gaming Rig (GT Series, i3 & 8GB is 40-60 FPS at Low Setting.)
  • Not a big community of Players.

Overall: Suggested to Give it a try and a Chance.

That is most of what I have experienced playing the game, And talking to the Dev.
Please Support the Game by Downloading, Playing and Leaving a feedback here...
Or the Discord:

Have fun to you all and Enjoy The Parallax Effect.